When a manufacturer closes their order book due to not being able to keep up with sales demand, you know the car must be good and that’s exactly the case with VW‘s up! GTi. 

Affordable, lightweight and praised for re-capturing the spirit of the original Golf GTi, the up! has gained quite a following and so has our range of products for them. With advances in tuning, however, tuners are pushing VW‘s grin machine even further with significant gains in power and torque and we have identified the need for a more durable and stiffer torque mounting solution. 

And so, this week we release a full replacement lower engine mount bush to reduce excessive engine movement caused by the torque reaction of the engine during acceleration and deceleration, one of the biggest causes of wheel-hop on tuned FWD vehicles. 

PFF85-1923 Lower Torque Mount Bush (Fast Road) uses a plated steel outer shell and our Yellow 70A durometer material to provide a durable fast-road replacement for the voided factory rubber bush to give mildly tuned vehicles a sharper throttle response and more positive gear-change without greatly compromising on ride and NVH. This part is 348% stiffer than OE at 2mm displacement.

PFF85-1923P Lower Torque Mount Bush (Tuned/Track) uses a Purple 80A durometer bush to stiffen things further, providing even more durability and engine control for higher-tuned cars used on the road or track. This part is 521% stiffer than OE.

PFF85-1923BLK Lower Torque Mount Bush (Motorsport) uses our hardest Black Series 95A durometer bush for unparalleled throttle response and durability under the harshest of track and motorsports conditions. This part is a whopping 580% stiffer than OE.

28th Jan 2023

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