With state-of-the-art science and supercar killing strength, the R32 GT-R is the car that made Nissan, and to this day it still leaves its indelible mark, both on the road and track.

But, sadly even Godzilla gets old and nothing shows a car’s age more than worn rubber suspension bushes that squeeze, creak and clonk so this week sees us add a new bush specifically for the 4WD Skyline and Stagea to restore steering precision and improve braking stability.

PFF46-219 Front Radius Arm Bush

Made using our Black 95A durometer material with a knurled bore for better grease retention, we were able to increase stiffness over the standard rubber bush by 50% for superior longevity and performance.

They also come with the added peace of mind of our unrivalled Lifetime Warranty.

Along with the R32 GT-R, this bush fits a selection of Skyline models, as well as the Nissan Stagea WC34 and Laurel C34 & C35.

9th Feb 2021

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