Designed to be versatile, and cheap to maintain and repair, the Renault 4 became a favourite with French farmers and an icon of affordable global motoring, with production spanning 33 years, and a massive 8.1 million units sold.

Even today, some 60 years after its release, the R4 remains popular in motorsport because of these same qualities, competing in such events as the 4L Trophy, a 6000km, 12-Day humanitarian rally from Paris to Marrakech covering the mountains, dunes, and wadis of the Morrocan Desert.

This is where our relationship with the R4 started, being asked to provide more durable bushes to cope better in such environments and with the assistance of Gekkoil, a young team of Rally-Raid enthusiasts, we set about developing our new PFF60-1101 Upper Wishbone Bush.

Made using our hardest 95A Black material and including a knurled bore, it offers a 60% increase in stiffness over the standard rubber bush and allows for a freer rotation with improved lubrication, thus increasing both performance and reliability.

These parts also fit the R4‘s siblings, the R5 Mk1 and R6, and come with the added peace of mind of our unrivalled Lifetime Warranty

22nd Feb 2021

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